About COVID-019.com

Where does the data on this website come from?

Data from the website comes traditionally came from the Johns Hopkins University CSSE COVID-19 data repository. Currently, I am working on implementing web scrapers to get more information directly from the source, such as the Department of Health's COVID info page to reduce the chance of errors. Since each website requires indivudialized programming, getting data directly from the website has proven challenging, so the majority of this website is still powered by data compiled by JHU.

Where are recovery numbers located?

Until March 4th 2021, recovery numbers were available on the site. I've made the decision to stop displaying these numbers after they have been widely understood by industry professionals to be incorrectly counted and would not provide an accurate view of the progression of the virus.

How often does this site update?

The answer to this question is sort of complicated since multiple data sources are used depending on the availability of certain points of data. Our web scraper scrapes COVID statistics sequentially once every 30 minutes, and rolls over to the next 30 minutes if the previous job did not complete yet. The site falls back on to the CSSE data (see previous question) if scraped data is unavailable, and CSSE data is updated once every 24 hours. So, the "answer" to this question is that it updates no faster than once every 30 minutes and no slower than once every 24 hours.

How does the predictive model work?

The predictive model is a specific mathematical equation applied to the last week's trends that attempts to model what may happen in the future if a specific action is taken based on what happened the previous time this action was taken.

What technologies is this site built on?

This site is built using a 100% free and open source software stack! The backend database and web scraper is programmed in Python and the frontend is programmed in NodeJS using the Express framework. All of this is running on an Ubuntu VM with the NGINX webserver at the headend performing caching.

What are the next plans for this site?

I'm working on a partial redesign of the site. After this, I will be adding population and vaccination data to the site.

Who runs this site?

Good question! My name is Roen, and I'm a high-schooler from Hawaii. I started this project during the lockdown to provide an easy-to-use source of COVID-19 information in the world and local communities after server hosting was generously sponsored by DigitalOcean.

How can I contact the developer?

My email is [email protected].